Bloomfield Hills, MI Gutter Cleaning

Your Bloomfield Hills, MI home’s gutter system plays a vital role- it diverts water away from your foundation, prevents erosion and from flooding. Debris like leaves, pine needles, seeds and other objects can cause serious problems.  The LAST thing you need is a damaging clog!

Lake State Cleaning is Bloomfield Hills's #1 rated gutter cleaning company on Google and Yelp. Give us a call and rest assured that your gutters will get the maintenance and service they require.

Traditional gutters and flat roof drainage systems:

  • Thorough collection of all debris.  We promise not to make a mess! We believe in the “neat and tidy” approach.
  • All refuse bagged and prepared for disposal. Convenient and ready for your next trash day!
  • Downspout testing and flush. We’ll make sure there are no hidden clogs and that everything is flowing properly.
  • Visual pitch inspection. If you have a gutter that isn’t positioned right, it can cause big problems. We’ll check out the system and let you know if you need any repairs.
  • Roof debris clearing. We’ll clear off any loose sticks or leaves that we can safely get at.
  • Photo confirmation. You’ll get an email with photos of your clean gutters, so you KNOW the work was done right.
  • Service Report. We’ll email you a full report of your gutter system and let you know if you need any additional repairs or adjustments.
  • 14-Day No Clog Guarantee: If problems reoccur within two weeks of service, we’ll return to address the issues at no charge.

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Bloomfield Hills Gutter Brightening

Your Bloomfield Hills home's gutter faces can really get ugly over time. Debris, dirt and black streaks can detract from the otherwise beautiful appearance of your home. What you probably didn’t know is that dingy look on your gutters probably isn’t dirt. It’s most likely oxidization, and that requires a special method for cleaning. Lake State Cleaning is fully equipped to bring your gutters back to like-new appearance. It’s quick, easy and affordable. And the results? You’ll say “WOW!”, guaranteed.

You'll Love Our Convenient Three-Step Process!

Step 1

Call us at 248-910-2500, or fill out the simple form below. Either way is quick and convenient!

Step 2

Select your preferred cleaning package and approve the proposal. With lots of options, there's something for every need and budget!

Step 3

We'll contact you quickly to get you scheduled. Your work will be covered under our 110% Money Back Guarantee