Lake State Cleaning Restores The Beauty Of Over 1,000,000 Square Feet Per Year!

  • Paver Sealing Breathes New Life Into Your Outdoor Spaces!

    Harsh weather, UV rays from the sun, and heavy traffic take their toll on your expensive hardscapes.  Over time, these stresses can cause pavers and natural stone tiles to look dull and faded.  The joints can also destabilize, creating durability issues.

    Detailed joint sanding and sealing by Lake State Cleaning is the answer to your Michigan home's hardscape problems! 

  • Three Great Reasons To Have Your Hardscapes Sealed:

    1. Restores the natural beauty of pavers and natural stone.  The original, rich and deep colors will be enhanced, bringing back that deep, lovely appearance.
    2. Protects the surface from degradation due to excess moisture and UV rays.  Snow, ice, rain and traffic can compromise the integrity of pavers, stone and concrete.  Sealing creates a deep, protective barrier against these stresses.  This can increase the effective life of your hardscapes.
    3. Prohibits organic growth.  Moss, weeds, mold and algae have a harder time setting up shop on sealed surfaces.  Limiting organic growth helps to maintain traction on the surface and protects against slip-and-fall hazards.  Sealed surfaces also stay cleaner, longer, improving the overall cosmetic appearance of the space.

  • We Seal:

    • Pavers
    • Natural Stone
    • Concrete Tiles
    • Concrete Driveways and Sidewalks

michigan paver sealing

Restoring your Michigan home's hardscape to it's former glory and protecting it for the long haul requires a carefully coordinated process.  Here's how we do it:

Step 1:  Prepare the surface.  This involves thorough, deep cleaning of both the hardscape and the joints.  We also use an organic inhibitor in the cleaning process, which helps slow the return of organic growth after the process is completed.

Step 2:  Stabilize the joints with premium, interlocking sand.  This step is important, as it protects surfaces from damage and destabilization due to erosion and traffic.  You'll have the option to select from a variety of sand colors so that you can achieve the exact look you want.  We only use premium sweeping sands from SEK Surebond, the leader in paver stabilization sands.

Step 3:  Seal the surface.  We only use premium products from Deco Sealers.  Deco sealers are proven to hold up wonderfully to our harsh midwestern weather patterns.  They are durable, cost effective and perform beautifully.  We will apply at least two coats of sealer (sometimes three) to surfaces for maximum life and durability.

You can expect 3-5 years of performance out of our sealers and process.  A maintenance cleaning and sealing process every other year is recommended and will keep your Michigan home's hardscapes looking amazing.

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