Ice dams on your Bloomfield Hills Michigan roof can cause thousands of dollars in damage before you know it.  Call us for quote before it's too late!

How Ice Dams Form On Your Roof:

As heat escapes from your roof, it melts the lower layer of snow that's collected on your shingles.  This melted snow runs down underneath the upper snow layer in the form of water.  When this water reaches the uninsulated edge of your roof, it refreezes and creates an ice dam.

This ice dam keeps additional melted snow from reaching the edge of your roof and draining into your gutters.

The water has nowhere else to go but up underneath your shingles.  It then begins to drip through your roofing material, down your walls, and into your ceiling.  This is where all the damage begins.

Steam Based Ice Dam Removal is The Smart Choice

How It Works:

  • Our specialized equipment generates super heated steam that quickly and gently cuts through ice dams like butter.
  • Your roof and gutters will be 100% free of ice dams in a matter of hours 
  • These rapid results can save you thousands of dollars in potential indoor water damage.

WARNING: Removing ice dams with chisels, hammers, metal shovels, ice picks or other hard tools is a TERRIBLE idea!

  • These hard tools have the potential to severely damage your shingles!  You run the risk of trading one expensive problem for another.
  • Using manual tools for ice dam removal takes FOREVER!  You'll be  paying for all that extra labor, when the job could be finished in a fraction of the time with steam.




Why Steam is Superior to Chemical Ice Melt (Calcium Chloride)

  • They only melt small portions of the ice dam.They take forever to work. 
  • When your roof is leaking, you don't have days to wait.
  • The corrosive chemicals can damage your shingles and surrounding landscaping.