Bloomfield Hills’ Most Trusted Window Cleaning Company

It takes a lot of skill and experience to handle post-construction window cleaning.  It’s far more difficult and time consuming than a typical window cleaning project.  The custom home we are working on in Bloomfield Hills this week is a perfect example.

The project consists of a 12,000 square foot home and a detached 2,000 square foot yoga studio.  When complete, this gem will be another one of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan’s finest homes, built by Thomas Sebold and Associates.

You can see from the photos that there are a number of challenges that must be overcome to bring new construction windows and doors back to showroom condition.



This interior door had a protective film coating both sides of the glass. After the final coat of stain, we must carefully remove the film and clean any remaining residue from the glass.

This manufacturer’s sticker has delaminated over time. It will take special care to remove the leftover adhesive without damaging the glass.

This door wall has been covered with splashes and chunks of mortar due to sloppy masonry work. A special solvent will be required to loosen the mortar before removal. It’s a slow, delicate process.


Lake State Cleaning is the first and only choice in post-construction window cleaning for many of Oakland County’s finest custom home and commercial builders.  Why?  Because we take extreme care, we use advanced techniques, and we have the most experience.

The most demanding luxury home builders from Bloomfield Hills to Birmingham, from Franklin to Troy, Rochester Hills and all around Oakland County insist on using Lake State Cleaning as their only window cleaning provider.  Ask yourself this:  “Why would I not choose Lake State Cleaning for my own window cleaning needs?”