Deck Power Washing: Don’t Forget This Part Of Your Home

Your deck is a beautiful extension of your Oakland County, MI home and just as important as any other exterior space. It’s the perfect spot to relax in the sun or entertain guests. A clean deck can make your outdoor living space more enjoyable. This is why keeping it in good condition is essential. But how? We bet you’ve already heard of Deck Power Washing. Neglecting your deck can lead to costly repairs down the road. Know how important this service is as we break down the details for you.

What is Deck Power Washing and what are the benefits

Deck power washing is the use of pressurized water to clean your deck that has dirt, algae, stain, and other organic growth. Not only will your deck look brand new after a good power wash, but it will also get cleared of the grime that can’t be removed with just a regular scrub brush. It’s also a good start in preparing your deck if you’re thinking of getting fresh paint on it.

Most importantly, having clean decks could mean higher property value. Whether you’re keeping your home for your family or planning on selling it, maintaining your deck will always be worth every penny.

Deck Power Washing in Wixom MI Lake State Cleaning

Power Washing in Wixom MI Lake State Cleaning

How to Choose a Deck Power Washing Company

This is always the million-dollar question. The fact is, there’s a lot to choose from. But what should be your priorities in finding one? Years of experience, reviews, proximity, and recommendations by friends and family are just a few things to consider and to start with. Nowadays, reviews have a strong influence on homeowners when it comes to choosing a deck power washing company. This is already given as everything is available online, so as are exterior cleaning options, ratings, and reviews. Searching the internet is probably the easiest way to get information and gauge whether or not to go with a cleaning company.

What to Expect From a Deck Power Washing Service

A thoroughly cleaned deck is what all expect after a deck power washing service. Thoroughly cleaned and not damaged. Why is this so? Decks can be made from different materials and not all can withstand the strong water pressure brought about by power washing, hence, the damage. The exterior cleaning company should be knowledgeable about deck materials so as to deliver a spotless and intact deck. A deck that you can truly enjoy.

How Often Should You Have Your Deck Power Washed

An annual wash is good enough to keep your deck in its best condition. Deck power washing can be done at different times all throughout the year – Spring, Summer, or Fall. Ultimately, it’s best to get it done after winter to get rid of the dirt and grime from the cold season or right before it to cut down all the accumulated dirt and be ready for winter. Power washing will greatly help in preventing your deck from looking old and getting damaged.

When was the last time you checked your deck? It might be in dire need of a good bath and you just can’t put it off! We, at Lake State Cleaning, do all exterior cleaning services and you guessed it right! We do Deck Power Washing! Our website is where you need to go for more information and a quote! Check out more satisfying and informative videos on our YouTube channel! Are you a social media fanatic? You may also find us on Facebook and Instagram!