House Washing Your Way To A Beautiful Wixom, MI Home

Is your Wixom, MI home’s exterior looking a bit dingy? Are there patches of algae or dirt that just won’t budge no matter how much you scrub? Algae and dirt on your home sidings will never be a pretty sight. Cleaning it on your own can really be a daunting task. And, who has time to do such? Professional House Washing is what you need! Read on to find out more about this essential service and why it can help improve the appearance of your home.

How important is House Washing?

House Washing is just as important as maintaining the other exteriors of your home. The sidings are a big portion of it, hence, the larger surface area where algae, dirt, and mildew can hang out for a while. Algae slowly but surely deteriorate your sidings. If that happens, it can no longer protect your interior and exterior walls. You’ll be saying hello to damage and mold growth sooner than you think! We can go on and on about the other bad stuff that’s going to happen if you leave your sidings filthy. Or you can start putting House Washing on your to-do list and keep your sidings intact!

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How to prepare your home for house washing

Most exterior cleaning companies, if not all, have precautionary measures when doing a House Washing service. Outdoor electrical outlets, devices, and fixtures are covered. The same is true for vegetation around your home. But if you want to be extra careful, you may move the things that matter to you the most away from the area that will be washed. If can’t be moved, you may secure items with covers. Keep your pets and kids safe. Alternatively, you may call the exterior cleaning company and be specific about the things you want to be secured. This way, they may take extra precautions with those.

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The benefits of keeping your home clean and beautiful

What’s not to love in a clean home? Everything nice comes with it. Great curb appeal, appreciated market value, comfortable living, healthy environment, and the list goes on. Whether it’s for selling or keeping for your family, maintaining your Troy, MI home, interior, and exterior, will always be beneficial in the long run. Your home is your safety fortress. It will never be a bad idea to give back the attention and cleaning it deserves.


Who is the right company to wash your home?

A lot of options out there. But, who to trust? Difficult question. Advertising nowadays is powerful, so you need to do a little research. A company’s reputation is probably the most important of all. This is built by solid years of experience, excellent customer service, and trust. Trained people and good equipment are good things to check too. You don’t want technicians of shady backgrounds to come to your home, do you?

The next time your home needs some good House Washing, there’s no need to rummage the internet for another option you’ll regret getting. Lake State Cleaning has made countless Michigan homes shine and we intend to do more of that! We serve Oakland and Livingston Counties. We may have already done your neighbor’s gutters or roofs, so don’t be left out!

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