How We’ve Improved Our Customer’s Life With Gutter Cleaning

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve had this nagging question in the back of your mind for years: “Why do I need gutter cleaning service?”  “I mean, what’s so bad about my gutters? They look just fine to me! Sure they’re a little dirty and maybe there’s some debris in them, but it doesn’t seem to be doing any harm. Right?” WRONG.

Let’s dive in.

Gutters are often overlooked and not maintained. We are only made aware that there is a problem with our gutters when it starts overflowing. And at that stage, they’re already clogged.

When gutters clog, water can’t drain properly from your roof. 

If rainwater backs up in the gutter it may overflow onto the ground or into a window well, causing damage to property or flooding.  When this happens, brace yourself for repairs that could be minor or major, depending on the damage.

Standing water in your gutters can also lead to rotting wood along your roof’s edge- a costly repair.  And if too much debris builds up, it can get so heavy that your gutter trays fall right off your house!

Ultimate Gutter Cleaning done by Lake State Cleaning MIchigan

Cleaning your gutters regularly is a simple way to maintain a healthy home environment and prevent you from spending on repairs. The well-maintained they are, the longer they will function as they are expected to be.

Now that we’ve talked about how gutters help protect not only your property but yourself as well, are you thinking of getting yours cleaned soon? We, not only service Lake Orion but the surrounding areas as well in Oakland Township! Want to find out? Let Lake State Cleaning know so that our team can schedule it for you today!

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