Window Cleaning Services in Birmingham, MI and Oakland County

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Commercial/Residential Window Cleaning

We use the best tools and most effective methods to make your windows sparkle. Lake State Cleaning, Inc. delivers the most detailed and thorough job available in the business. Our cleaners are trained to be masters of their trade, and they take pride in their work. Whether you are looking for seasonal window cleaning at your home or a maintenance program for your place of business, we can provide services that will enhance the beauty of your space. Lake State Cleaning works year-round and can accommodate your schedule.

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Post-Construction Cleaning

 A construction site is hard on glass. Paint, drywall dust, manufacturer labels  and mortar can be a challenge to remove. In a post-construction environment an untrained window cleaner can do thousands of dollars in damage to new glass in just a few hours. Lake State Cleaning specializes in this difficult process, and we know what works. We have developed a number of techniques that can bring your project’s glass to showroom condition. We stay on top of trends in the glass manufacturing industry and constantly educate our staff on new techniques, tools and products for effective post-construction window cleaning. No other window cleaning company brings more knowledge or experience to this specialized segment of the trade.

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Gutter Cleaning

Prevent major roof damage, excessive ice buildup and poor drainage by having your gutters checked and cleaned by us. An inspection of your gutter system takes just a few moments and can be done free of charge when done in conjunction with a fall window cleaning. If, upon inspection, your gutters need to be cleaned we can provide the service. Our gutter cleaning service includes testing of downspouts for clogging and removal/disposal of any debris found in the gutters. Remember the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”? Yearly gutter cleaning proves the truth of that statement.

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Pressure Washing and Soft Washing

Decks, patios, pavers, driveways, siding- we do it all.  We can even provide pressure washing services as a preparatory step prior to painting exterior surfaces. We use high-powered equipment, bio-degradeable solvents (where necessary) and we always clean up after ourselves.

Many contractors misuse pressure washing equipment.  Delicate siding and wood decks require special cleaning methods so as to prevent damage or discoloration.  We use the appropriate cleaning products in conjunction with the right pressure to renew and beautify all sorts of surfaces.

Soft washing can bring a renewed appearance to your home’s siding.  Using a combination of effective cleaning solutions, gentle agitation and low pressure rinsing, we can make your home siding look like new without the slightest risk of damage.

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Difficult Access Cleaning

With thousands of hours of experience in lift-work and high-rise/bosun’s chair work, Lake State Cleaning, Inc. should be your first choice for challenging cleaning projects. We can get almost anywhere. Our difficult-access cleaning services don’t stop at exterior work. We are always up to the challenge when it comes to multi-story interior ladder work, scaffold-based cleaning projects and interior lift work. Whether it be a massive chandelier, vaulted-cieling beam work or any other tricky situation, we can get at it and get it clean.

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Screen Repair

After years of exposure to sun, wind and rain your screens can really begin to show their age. Fading, fraying and tearing can turn your screens into ineffective eyesores. Whether you need new screening or a frame repair, we can help. Most screen repairs can be handled on-site and can be done at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Ask about our custom screen fabrication services. We may be able to design a system that will work better than what you currently have.

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