Oakland County Michigan Construction Window Cleaners

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Post-Construction Cleaning

 A construction site is hard on glass. Paint, drywall dust, manufacturer labels  and mortar can be a challenge to remove. In a post-construction environment an untrained window cleaner can do thousands of dollars in damage to new glass in just a few hours.  If you’ve been on a construction site long enough you’ve probably seen those telltale scratches that indicate an uneducated window cleaner was there.

Current trends in tempered glass fabrication have created new challenges for window cleaners.  No longer can we simply scrape construction debris off each piece of glass. Much of today’s tempered glass is prone to scratching, even when using the best tools.  Additionally, new technologies for coating and sealing glass continue to emerge.  We at Lake State Cleaning make it our business to stay educated on these developments in glass production.  This gives us the edge when it comes to knowing how to clean new glass in safe, effective ways.

Lake State Cleaning specializes in this difficult process, and we know what works. We have developed a number of techniques that can bring your project’s glass to showroom condition. We stay on top of trends in the glass manufacturing industry and constantly educate our staff on new techniques, tools and products for effective post-construction window cleaning. No other window cleaning company brings more knowledge or experience to this specialized segment of the trade.

Southeast Michigan is filled with some of the country’s most beautiful luxury homes.  If you’ve traveled around Birmingham, Bloomfield or the Cranbrook area, you’ve probably seen many of the projects we initially cleaned.  Most of those homeowners continue to use our services.  Builders like Schuster Homes, Whitelaw Homes and Thomas Sebold & Associates use us exclusively as their post-construction window cleaners.

We’ve also done many commercial construction window cleanings, such as the massive Ann Arbor Skyline high school.  We’ve been used by large general contracting companies like George Auch Company, Sachse and Turner.  General cleaning companies like Saber Building Services and BlueLine Maintenance use us to handle glass cleaning on all their construction clean-up projects.

If you are a builder or general contractor, the search is finally over.  Lake State Cleaning is the last company you’ll ever have to call for post-construction window washing.  We have the experience, the know-how and the track record to back up that claim.

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