Post-Construction Window Cleaning in Michigan

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We had the opportunity to provide post-construction window cleaning for a builder in Royal Oak, Michigan last week.  J. Williams Construction is a luxury home builder/renovator base in Troy, MI.  They have used us for window cleaning and pressure washing on all of their projects over the last several years.

This particular job involved a full scale remodel of a small bungalow-style home.  Many of the the windows were replace with new ones, but some of the old glass was kept.  We were responsible for removing construction debris, paint overspray, stickers and drywall mud from the glass and window frames.

Lake State Cleaning specializes in this difficult form of window cleaning. There are many challenges that come along with post-construction restoration of glass.  The proper tools and techniques must always be used or damaged glass is a real risk.

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We’ve been the exclusive window cleaning provider for a number of high-end commercial and residential builders for over a decade.  Over the coming months we’ll be providing this specialized kind of window cleaning on projects in Birmingham, MI, Bloomfield Hills, MI and Orchard Lake, MI.

If you are a builder in search of a reliable, experienced post-construction window cleaning company, give us a call.  We have a number of references we can provide, so you’ll be able to get honest testimonials from others in your business about our work.  If you are a homeowner or business owner in the midst of a project, ask your builder to give us a call.  We promise you’ll both be glad you did.



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After post-construction window cleaning, the view is much better![/one_half_last]