Professional Rust Stain Removal

Professional Rust Stain Removal

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Do you have unsightly rust stains on your driveway or other surfaces?  Rust can be difficult to remove without damaging the substrate.  Lake State Cleaning is your leading source for effective rust removal.

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We are an Authorized Applicator of the world’s most advanced rust removal product: F9 BARC.  No other product is as effective in removing rust:

F9 BARC is special because, unlike most rust removal products, it’s designed to remove rust gently.  Acids work by etching the stained surface, literally breaking down the substrate as it penetrates.  F9 BARC works on a different principal and will not damage surfaces!

We are trained applicators of F9 BARC.  We have the equipment and know-how to use this amazing product effectively.  Call us today to see what amazing things we can do to remedy your unsightly rust stains.  We are your trusted source for Detroit Michigan rust removal.

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Lake State Cleaning can clean ugly rust stains residential patios, commercial loading docks, concrete driveways, stucco and brick, and many other surfaces.  Call us today at 248.910.2500 to see what we can do for you!

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Lake State Cleaning offers f9 BARC professional rust removal services in: Troy, Sterling Heights, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township, Southfield, West Bloomfield, Rochester and Rochester Hills, Clarkston, Pontiac, Madison Heights, Waterford, White Lake, Warren and the rest of the metro-Detroit area.

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