• Sports Courts

    Special surfaces and materials require special care. You need an experienced, educated contractor to care for your community sports court. Outdoor sports courts are subjected to 265 days of the elements, and need regular attention. Mildew, algae and dirt can create a slipping hazard. Soiling can also shorten the life of a sports court coating and detract from a community or club’s overall appearance.

    Lake State Cleaning can help. Choose Oakland County’s ONLY specialty surface cleaning company. You can be confident in the soft-touch detergent based process used by Lake State Cleaning. Regular maintenance cleaning will keep your sports court clean, clear and safe for years to come.

  • Pool Covers

    Pool covers do more than just… cover your pool. Depending on the appearance, they can enhance the beauty of your community’s pool deck, or detract from it. Leaves, dirt, bird droppings, mold and other foreign materials can turn an attractive, expensive cover into a disturbing eyesore.

    How will you get that pool cover clean? It’s delicate, expensive and difficult to get at. Turn to the company that the pool company turns to- Lake State Cleaning. You’ll appreciate our expertise in low-pressure washing of delicate fabrics like pool covers.

    Enhance the beauty of your pool space and extend the life of your pool cover with a maintenance cleaning program provided by Lake State Cleaning.

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