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Our "CLEAN" Core Values

  • Championship Team: We Put The Work In To Win
  • Longevity:  We're Built To Last
  • Extreme Ownership:  We Own Our Schedules, Jobs, Clients & Tasks
  • Average Sucks:  1% Better Every Day
  • No Excuses:  We Hold Each Other & Ourselves Accountable

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Job Description | Sales Consultant


To clearly outline the responsibilities and expectations associated with the Sales Consultant (SC) position at Lake State Cleaning.


The SC position  is one of the most important roles in the company.  An effective SC will seek to help potential customers by selling them our amazing services.  Sales are the lifeblood our our business, and the SC is the boots-on-the-ground hustler who keeps our pipeline filled with profitable business and “raving fan” customers.

Personal Sales

  • Manage and fulfill all assigned leads promptly
  • Generate new leads through simple prospecting strategies
  • Goal: Convert all leads into quotes promptly (48 hours or less)
  • Manage all personal quote related customer communication and follow up
  • When dealing with customers; maintain professional, clean cut appearance; courteous, over-the-top-friendly demeanor; and always arrive on time 
  • Meet weekly and monthly sales goals:  total sales, close rate, average ticket

Sales Meetings And Training

  • Prepare for and attend weekly Sales Team Meeting with the Sales Manager, reviewing KPI’s and Big Wins
  • Weekly review of personal sales metrics and KPI’s with the aim of hitting your targets
  • Participate in our ongoing Sales Training Program (prepared by the Sales Manager) to continually enhance personal sales skills

New Business Development

  • Focus on building new relationships with potential clients.  Always be on the lookout for new opportunities to sell our amazing services to new customers
  • Develop and grow customer base in neighborhoods where we already have a client base

Compensation follows a “Base Against Commission” model.  Here’s how it works.

  • You will receive a weekly salary  throughout the year, regardless of how much you sell each week. 
  • This weekly salary is essentially prepaid commission.
  • As your sold jobs are completed (the work has been performed and the customer is satisfied), you will earn commission.
  • At the end of each week, your total sales/commissions will be calculated based off of your completed jobs.  
  • If your commission amount exceeds your weekly salary, you will earn the additional amount as a commission bonus.
  • Your commissions will be added to your paychecks after the work has been completed.