Troy Michigan Window Cleaning

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Your Troy, Michigan Window Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning Pro’s!  Call 248.910.2500 today to schedule your free estimate!

We service Troy, Michigan and the surrounding areas including zip codes 48044,48098, 48099, 48085, 48083 and 48087.


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So, just what does your hard-earned money get you when you choose Lake State Cleaning as your window cleaner?

  • Perfectly clean glass, both inside and out.

  • No extra charge for screen cleaning!  

  • Sills get a thorough cleaning.

  • Frames get wiped clean.

  • Tracks get a thorough cleaning, too.  We’ll even vacuum them out if necessary!

  • A healthy dose of smiles, professionalism and friendliness.  No additional charge.  It’s our pleasure.

We offer a full-service, premium solution to your dirty window problem.  We bring the same attention to detail to our other services as well!  We provide what the others lack: Value!

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Here’s what you won’t get from Lake State Cleaning…

  • Streaks, drips, smudges or scratches.

  • Dirt tracked onto your carpet or dirty water dripped on your furniture.

  • Inexperienced summer help.  We refuse to hire seasonal workers.

  • Uninsured, unprofessional workers.

  • Workers with a criminal record.

  • Workers who are just plain creepy…

  • Workers who don’t have a great attitude about their work!

We guarantee that your experience with Lake State Cleaning will be pleasant, comfortable and convenient.  If you aren’t satisfied, you don’t pay.  It’s as simple as that.

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