What to Look For In An Exterior Cleaning Company In Troy, MI

You have a beautiful home in Troy, MI. You’ve been meaning to get that exterior cleaning done for a while now. You know that hiring a professional exterior cleaning company can be a great way to give your home a fresh new look. But, what’s holding you back? We know. Questions. You’ve got plenty of them. How do you know if they’re reputable? Will you be getting your money’s worth? Can they do their job right? So, what really are the things you have to look for in an exterior cleaning company?

Look for an exterior cleaning company that has experience cleaning homes and businesses in your area

This is probably the main factor to look for. It is with experience paired with expertise and a good work attitude that the rest follow – recommendations, good reviews, the capability to get high-quality equipment, and basically –  everything below.

It is with no question that a homeowner or a customer will always go for a company that’s been existent for the longest period of time. However, start-up exterior cleaning companies should be given a shot too. Why? Some employees from well-established exterior cleaning companies venture out and start a business on their own. They bring with them the same level of skills and work ethics to their own companies. This is something valuable to consider when looking for an exterior cleaning company to hire. How do you find this out? Read the owner’s profile on the company website. It’ll more or less answer that question for you.

House Washing by Lake State Cleaning - Oakland County, MI. Exterior Cleaning Company.

House Washing by Lake State Cleaning - Oakland County, MI

Ask friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations

Do you search the internet for a good restaurant or coffee shop and you have doubts about what others are saying? Then, you’ll find yourself talking to your friends and asking them what they think? It is exactly the same for exterior cleaning companies. You may look at how your neighbor’s roof cleaning was done and talk to them after. Soon enough, you will be calling the same company to do your home’s exterior cleaning. Word of mouth is such a powerful tool.

Make sure that the exterior cleaning company is insured and licensed

Though these are a must in setting up any business, they are just important as the others and should not be overlooked. Exterior cleaning companies and their customer should both be protected. As a homeowner, this is a way of telling that the company not only means business but true customer service. They value your property and safety. They know their employee’s worth to the company.

Licensed and Insured Lake State Cleaning Oakland MI

The company should have high-quality equipment that will get the job done right

Skills are no good if one cannot deliver the job the proper way. An exterior cleaning company has to have the right tools and equipment to get it done. This is an investment. The equipment should be durable and powerful enough to sustain the everyday work of exterior cleaning. So, watching videos of the jobs by an exterior cleaning company,  or photos they may have while working on a job, may pretty much give you an idea that they’ve got the right equipment for cleaning your home exteriors.

Power Washing Lake State Cleaning - Northville Michigan. Exterior Cleaning Company

Check the company’s website and read reviews from past clients

Last but definitely not the least! Internet is probably everyone’s go-to place if they need to know just about anything. A website with a good structure is what you should look for. It has to show a complete list and definition of services, contact information, links, company background, and the list goes on. This itself is good enough, but, more so outstanding if packed with stellar customer reviews!

Are we proud to say that all of the above are found in Lake State Cleaning? Absolutely! We are Michigan’s Best Reviewed Exterior Cleaning Company. We earned it with years of experience, training, the best equipment, and a great team! Your time to stop shopping around for exterior cleaning companies has come. If you have a home in Troy, Oakland County, or Livingston County, MI, put us on your list for your next exterior cleaning. Also, find us on Facebook and Instagram!

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