5 Reasons To Leave Window Cleaning To The Pro’s

Window cleaning isn’t exactly rocket science. With the right supplies and a little know-how, it seems like an easy task. But let me tell you, there are some serious drawbacks that come with this decision! Let us break down a few reasons why it’s worth leaving this job to the pros. 

Window cleaners use specialized tools that can get into tight spots and fit on windows of all shapes and sizes

Did you know that other tools exist in cleaning windows aside from squeegees? Yes, there are others. Pro’s use them to make sure that your windows will come out clean the way you expect them to. And there are several types of windows! Do you know what types are in your home and how many are there?

There are many different types of window cleaners

There is a vast selection of window cleaners in the market! You may even spend a good one hour in a store trying to find what you think will best clean your windows. Or you may do research at home, in front of your computer, only to get more confused about what to get. 

Window Cleaning is a lot of work and can be dangerous

Not all the windows in your home are in one place. Some are within reach, some are way higher. You may need to have a steady foot to be able to clean those that are higher but what if you don’t? Don’t risk it. Window cleaning professionals are trained and experienced. It’s easier and safer to pick up the phone and call a window cleaning service.

Window Cleaning Takes Time And Energy 

Just like any other exterior cleaning, window cleaning can be really exhausting. It may have already taken up all your energy only for you to find out that you’re not even halfway done with all the windows! Dedicate your time and energy to doing things you love and enjoy. Spend it with your family and friends. 


Window Cleaning by Lake State Cleaning Oakland Michigan Exterior Cleaning Company


Yes, window cleaning can be done by anyone capable of holding a rug or a squeegee, and a bucket of water and soap. But it takes a professional to clean it properly, safely, and thoroughly. We at Lake State Cleaning in Oakland County want you to spend your time and energy doing the right tasks – doing what you love. Leave the window cleaning to us and we will never disappoint. We are named Michigan’s Best Reviewed Exterior Cleaning Company. We will leave not only your windows squeaky clean but your home shining. Talk to us today and we are always happy to help! Hey, do you know that we are on Facebook and Instagram? Yes, we are! Connect with us!


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