5 Simple Steps on Silicone Residue Removal in Bloomfield Hills

This is a demonstration of how a window cleaning professional can stack multiple techniques on a single window to achieve excellent results. This glass is covered with thick smears of silicone caulk.

This is a Silicone Residue Removal in Bloomfield Hills we recently completed. You can find Lake State Cleaning on jobs like this throughout Oakland County, including Rochester Hills, Clarkston, Birmingham and Troy.

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Silicone is an adaptable material that can be used in several home improvement projects. This sealant is often used on the glass on purpose (to seal aquariums, for example), and other times it is used on glass by mistake. You can need to delete it later, for instance, before resealing a gap or simply for aesthetic reasons if it’s there by accident. Although removing this type of sealant can seem complicated, it is possible with the right tools and chemicals.

How to Get Silicone Out of Glass

1st Step

Put on your safety glasses and gloves. By opening doors and windows, you can help to ventilate the room.

2nd Step

Place the utility knife blade parallel to the glass and carefully slip it under the silicone near the mirror. If this isn’t possible, begin at the top of the silicone layer and slice through it layer by layer. The more glass you remove this way, the faster the rest of the process will be.

3rd Step

Remove any residual silicone with silicone remover. Allow for the time listed on the label (which varies by product but should be less than five minutes if you’ve removed the majority of the silicone).

4th Step

With a putty knife, gently scrape away any residual residue. The silicone solvent should have loosened it up enough for this to be a breeze.

5th Step

On a sponge, combine warm water and a teaspoon of liquid soap. Wipe the whole area clean before rinsing it with warm water.