Ice Dam Removal: How Important Is It To Your Michigan Home?

For many Oakland County, Michigan homeowners, icicles and snow on the roof is a beautiful winter sight. But when that delicate ice starts to form an ice dam and blocks the flow of water off the roof, things can take a turn for the worse. So how important is Ice Dam Removal? Let’s take a look.

What are Ice Dams and how do they form?

Before we dig into details any further, let’s ask ourselves this –  What is an Ice Dam? It is an ice build-up on the eaves of sloped roofs of heated buildings that results from melting snow under a snowpack reaching the eave and freezing there.

Why is removing them important?

Ice dams can be a threat hanging off the edges of your roof. Paired with poor roof installation and home insulation, ice dams can bring a lot of inconvenience to you as a homeowner.

Water will leak into your home, your gutters will deal with a lot of damage, and moisture penetrating the home will cause the growth of mold and mildew, hence, imposing danger to your health.

Collapsing roof is another serious issue that may arise if the weight of snow and ice is beyond the roof’s load capacity.

The importance of hiring a professional for ice dam removal

Ditch the idea of removing ice dams yourself. Ice Dam removal is tantamount to serious injury – something that you do not want to risk. Professional exterior cleaning companies are equipped with the knowledge, years of experience, and the right equipment to remove ice dams.

Prevention is the key to lessening any damage. Ensure proper roof installation and home insulation. Get the ice dams removed before they start to melt to prevent too much water from seeping into the interiors of your home.

Good thing, you are reading this blog. Lake State Cleaning can definitely help you with Ice Dam Removal. How so? We use the power of low-pressure steam. This is how ice dams are removed quickly and safely. Start with a quote on our website and we will assist you all the way. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram too!

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