Understanding Single Stage vs. 2-Stage Snow Blowers

  1. Single-stage blowers are our primary machine.  They can handle snow up to 10″-12″,  depending on the weight of the snow
  2. 2-stage machines should be used in extremely heavy or deep snow, or in cases where the ends of driveways are filled with heavy, packed snow from snowplows.

Other fun facts:

  • Single-stage machines are light enough that one person can lift them in and out of a truck.
  • 2-stage machines are much heavier and should be loaded using ramps.
  • Our single-stage machines pull themselves along, but you may at times need to provide a bit of a push to keep them moving.
  • Our 2-stage machines are self-propelled- the motor drives the wheels.  So when you pull down on the drive handle, you are along for the ride.